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Who is Tanmoy ?

Tanmoy Hrishi Das is an Indian bamboo flautist from Tripura. He is the
disciple of Sri Narayan Sarkar, an eminent flautist of Tripura. He started
his training in flute in a very tender age from his father Sri Haradhan
Hrishi Das. He received the “Cultural Talent Search Scholarship” from
CCRT, New Delhi in 1998.


A two days workshop on flute (Hindustani Classical Music) was conducted under the project ” Preothus in search of Sa” under the guidance of Sri Tanmoy Hrishi Das, an eminent flutist from Tripura, India at G.C.Music Academy, Mirzajungal, Sylhet, Bangladesh from 17/10/2019 to 18/10/2019. More than 30 nos. of students participated in this workshop designed for beginners and advanced learners. Students were found very interested to interact with Sri Tanmoy Hrishi Das on different topics related to flute playing. The workshop was a grand success in inspiring the young minds to develop their interest in flute playing.

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