Best flutist in Tripura | Bamboo Flutist in Agartala

Tanmoy Hrishi Das is one of the popular name in Agartala, when it comes to playing the bamboo flute or Bansuri ( a blowing musical instrument ) . He is one of the best bamboo flutist in Agartala, Tripura , Specially known for his various fusion composition.

Bamboo flute or Bansuri is one of the most common instrument in North Indian or Hindustani Classical music.A bansuri is traditionally made from a single hollow shaft of bamboo with six or seven finger holes and  Mr. Tanmoy is master in it.

Tanmoy Hrishi Das  is the disciple of Sri Narayan Sarkar, one of the eminent flautist of Tripura. Tripura is a state of India that has produced a wide variety of folk music, and famous for its rich culture and heritage.

Indian Classical and Folk are the old genre of the Music and in this era many of us are used to listening the remix and hip-hop songs. In this part, Tanmoy Hrishi Das is playing a key role to mix the classical & folk with the modern hip-hop and  RNB genre to represent the old genre of music in a new way to the modern audience.

Tanmoy Hrishi Das, started his training in flute in a very tender age from his father Sri Haradhan Hrishi Das. He received the “Cultural Talent Search Scholarship” from CCRT, New Delhi in 1998. Except this he has been conferred with many prestigious awards like “Adwaita Mallabarman Smarak Samman” for his contribution in promoting Indian classical music in Flute in 2010 by the govt. of Tripura.

Recently, Tanmoy Started his own  Flute Institute in Agartala Known as ” Bansuri Dhwani ” near Ram Thakur sangha club , Agartala ,Tripura (west).  Many of the interested students enrolled to get the training from him. If you are also Interested in learning Flute and want to become the Best Flutist of Agartala or the Best flutist of Tripura, then you should enroll and start learning from him.